Trustee Indemnity insurance

Trustees, Directors and Officers of charities and other organisations become personally liability for their actions and decisions when taking on the role. Most charity’s constitutions allow the charity to insure against these risks and purchase Trustee Indemnity insurance which will cover the legal costs of defending allegations of “wrongful acts”, and any awards and damages where the defence was unsuccessful.

Furthermore, it will cover costs where you are under investigation by the Charity Commission or other statutory body. You also benefit from access to experienced insurance advisers who can provide expert advice to protect and assist trustees when claims or investigations arise.

We offer Trustee Indemnity insurance through the CaSE Insurance policy (a suite of insurances that meets the needs of most Civil Society organisations) or through the CaSE Executive Risks package.

CaSE Executive Risks offers Trustee Indemnity with the option to add Fidelity, Employment Practices Liability and Professional Indemnity cover as extensions in a very cost-effective package.

Trustee Indemnity

Our specialist combined charity insurance which includes Trustee Indemnity.

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