Insurance for TAF members

aQmen Limited is proud to support the Trade Association Forum. 

We’re able to provide charity insurance to cover the generally administrative and clerical activities that TAF members are involved in. We can also provide suitable insurance for risks such as fraud and theft by trustees or staff (Fidelity) or advice provision (Professional Indemnity).

About us

aQmen Limited is an insurance provider and risk management partner for charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and faith-based organisations. We provide a range of specialist insurance policies to provide the right cover at the right price as well as tailored risk management support based on over a decade of experience in the sector.

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aQmen is pleased to provide TAF members with free and impartial advice on insurance and risk management. Please contact Elaine Denny on 0333 800 9838 and mention that you're an TAF member.